We are seeking postdoctoral associates to investigate how large populations of neurons perform complex computations. We collect and analyze recordings of 50,000+ neurons, developing machine learning tools to extract computational principles from these large-scale datasets. We welcome applications from various fields, with a preference for experimental neuroscientists and computational neuroscientists. 

Successful candidates for these positions will have:

  • A PhD in experimental neuroscience, computational neuroscience, or a related field
  • Programming expertise in Python (preferred) or MATLAB
  • Experience analyzing neural datasets and using machine learning pipelines 
  • Creative ideas to apply machine learning algorithms to neuroscience research

All research is internally funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, benefits are highly competitive, and start dates are flexible. The starting salary for postdoctoral associates at Janelia is $74,200. For information about Janelia, please visit www.janelia.org/about-us. For more information about our neuroscience department, please visit www.janelia.org/our-research/mechanistic-cognitive-neuroscience. For more information about being a postdoc at Janelia, please check out this page, along with these videos.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are important values at Janelia, and candidates should be dedicated to ensuring kindness and inclusion in their interactions with the scientific community and with other employees at Janelia. See more details about HHMI’s commitment to diversity here: https://diversity.hhmi.org/.

Please contact Carsen Stringer () with your CV if you are interested and have any questions. See workday application process here.

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